Accidentally deleted MuseScore App from my iMac. I have an account but receive download error messages

• Jun 7, 2021 - 22:59

Hi Support Team,
I and my wife are trying to download MuseScore app on an iMAC. When we try to load MuseScore, we repeatedly get a "Download error" message. I took a screenshot of the error message that displays on the page when he attempts to download the application. The MuseScore application is 3.6.2.... Please let me know if you need further information.
I hope you are able to help me reload the application


JoJo, my wife tried to help to no avail.

I think I have 2 options: 1.] unsubscribe from or 2.]  unsubscribe from].  I would like to unsubscribe from in hopes that I can successfully load the MuseScorePro.dmg app on my iMAC.
I hope this makes sense to you. I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

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Your subscription to any of these sites are not related in any form or shape to the ability to install MuseScore on your Mac.

There is no MuseScorePro.dmg either, no idea who or what gave you that idea?

If you delete your account on, you'd loose access to your Pro account there. As far as I can tell no way to get it back...

Just download and install…

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You mention that you took a screenshot of the error - can you post it here?

To further clarify - MuseScore Pro is not a program you install on your computer. It's an account on the wcore-sharing website Whether you have a MuseScore Pro or not has nothing whatsoever to do with how MuseScore installs or functions on your computer; it's completely between you and that website. So unsubscribing from that account won't change a thing. Nor would canceling your account here on this website. No account on any website anywhere has any bearing on how MuseScore installs and functions on your computer. You download it for free with no account required, you install it for free with no account required, you run it for free with no account required. At no time during any of that wouldn't having an account on, or, or any other website from to make a bit of difference.

Marc, I really want to thank you for your help, especially on the weekend. I use the free copy of Malwarebytes on my Mac that I run a couple of times a month. I placed my MuseScore scores on a hard drive I used when I was teaching. The MuseScore.dmg was erased from my computer hard drive and lesson hard drive. Is there another alternative you think might work?

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