overiding the amount of measures per stave

• Jun 29, 2021 - 16:36

I want to select a range of measures and have them on one stave without changing the page settings. I do not want to decrease the visual size of the rhythm chart. I have an 8 measure phrase and I want that phrase on it's own stave. Can I do that without changing the page settings? I used to use Sibelius, but I've upgraded my computer and the version of Sibelius I have won't work on the new OS. They want to charge me an annual license... hence, now I use MuseScore. But, they had a keystroke feature to combine measures to one stave.. and it was awesome. Can I do that with MuseScore?


Whether you can fit 8 measures into a singfle system depends on the "space" setting, the page and border widths (all in Format > Page settings) and the content of those measures and, to a certain extent, their stretch.

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