Setting chordStyle for a Score created from the API

• Jul 24, 2021 - 12:03

When creating a score in a plugin with the following code:

var score = newScore("Workout", "bass-flute", 99);

the chordStyle setting isn't set correctly (this can be verified when adding a Chord diagram to a segment: the chord isn't displayed as it does. See this question for more info).

My question is
* how to create the score directly with the chordStyle set correclty
* - or - how to change it afterwards from the plugin ?

My attempts to modify it from the code failed so far.
Both this:

var score = newScore("Workout", "bass-flute", 1);
var cs=eval("Sid.chordStyle");
console.log("CHORD STYLE:" + score.styles.value(cs));

and this:

var score = newScore("Workout", "bass-flute", 1);
console.log("CHORD STYLE:" + score.styles.value(Sid.chordStyle));

are returning an error that "Sid" is unknown.

Any suggestion on how to have this chordStyle set correctly ?



As far as I can see takes a string (and style is singular)

var score = newScore("Workout", "bass-flute", 1);
console.log("CHORD STYLE:" +"chordStyle"));
Debug: CHORD STYLE:std

(or jazz or custom)

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var score = newScore("Workout", "bass-flute", 1);
console.log("CHORD STYLE:" +"chordStyle"));"chordStyle","jazz");
console.log("CHORD STYLE:" +"chordStyle"));

The output is:

Debug: CHORD STYLE:std
Debug: CHORD STYLE:jazz

But in the end, a "Bbt7" chord is still displayed as "t7".

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I've never tried setting this via a plugin, but internally, the effect of that style setting is to cause a particular XML file to be loaded (chords_std or chord_jazz). The symptoms you describe are consistent with that load not happening. Not sure what might be required to trigger it, perhaps wrapping in stand/end command statements?

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> perhaps wrapping in stand/end command statements?
This is already the case.

And actually, setting that style's value is only a workaround because the score creation via a plugin does not do it correctly.

But the explanation could be the same: the score creation wouldn't load the default xml file correctly.

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You don't need a full file path, just chords_std.xml or chords_jazz.xml would be enough. The code below does change a chord style for me:"chordStyle", "jazz");"chordDescriptionFile", "chords_jazz.xml");

Actually the second line alone produces the effect of changing a chord style but it's better to set both values to avoid chord style settings being reverted back by the style dialog, like Jojo has mentioned above.

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Thanks !!

For setting the "std" style, oddly one has to set the jazz style first and then the std one:"chordDescriptionFile", "chords_jazz.xml");"chordStyle", "std");"chordDescriptionFile", "chords_std.xml");

So many discussions on so many topics, but I'm glad my new plugin is ready: Scale Workout Builder.
Feel free to check it here. Thanks to all for your help.

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