How to add a custom icon to a Palette

• Jul 29, 2021 - 17:39

Hi guys,
I want to create my own icon and add it to accordion palette. Does anyone know if that is possible and how to do that?

Thanks in advance.


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Thank you for your extensive info. But it seems that inserting an image via horizontal, vertical or text frame is not what I'm looking for. What am I looking for?

Within the accordion palette there are two icons concerning the bellow movement: bellow in (sort of greater than-sign) and bellow out (sort of upside-down L-sign).

But I am looking for a third one: a bellow half open-sign. I use it when I start playing accordion and I need some extra air in advance for the bellow in-part.

So, would it be possible to add my own custom icon to this palette?

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it's a symbol used in any existing music, chances are its already available in the Symbols palette (press "Z" to display), and you can then easily add it to your score from there or else drag it to any other palette for easier reuse as described above. What's the symbol?

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Hi Marc!

Thank you for your reply. My name is Herman and I love to play accordion. So, not surprisingly I'm interested in the accordion palette. In there there are two signs about the bellow movement: one pulling (bellow out = some sort of an upside down L) and one pushing (bellow in = some sort of a grater than-sign).

The symbol I'm looking for is commonly used, but it does not exist yet in the accordion palette. It is a sign to indicate that the accordion piece playing should start with the bellow half open, in order to have enough air to play the following bellow in-part.

So, attached image is meant to only indicate the kind of symbol I need.
Question is: would it be possible to add a custom icon to a MuseScore palette?

Kind regards, Herman

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I don't see a symbol like that in the Symbols palette either, suggesting that the folks who define the international standards for musical symbols haven't caught wind of this symbol yet. Best to contact them - see - to explain it and its usage, so it can be added to the next generation of the SMuFL standard, and then it will be included in MuseScore as well.

Meanwhile, simply get an image of that symbol by any means you can - a drawing program, scanning it in from published music, whatever - and paste that onto any note you want. And then simply Ctrl+Shift+drag it from there to your palette for future reuse.

You wrote:
I want to create my own icon and add it to accordion palette.

Yes. you can make a custom icon and save it to the accordion palette:


Here, in a score: Bellow_sign_accordion.mscz

You also wrote:
The symbol I'm looking for is commonly used,

Do you have a published image of that symbol, because the one you provided looks weird.

"The symbol I'm looking for is commonly used"

The nearest thing to a world standard for music symbols is SMuFL (Standard Music Font Layout), and you can see their list of Accordion symbols on this web page:

I can see symbols for Push and Pull:
U+E8CB (accdnPush) = Push
U+E8CC (accdnPull) = Pull

But I cannot see any symbol like the image in your sketch. If you can provide evidence to SMuFL that the symbol is indeed commonly used in published accordion music, then they would probably add the symbol to their library.

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