How to split notes into subdivisions?

• Aug 5, 2021 - 18:35


Total noob with musescore here, so please bear with me!

I want to split a pattern of whole notes into a pattern of, respectively, half and quarter notes, so that instead of:
C | B | C | C (4 whole notes)
I would end up with:
C C | B B | C C | CC (8 half notes)
CCCC|BBBB|CCCC|CCCC (quarter notes)

Is there a simple way to create this transition?



It's not something that would ever come up in the normal course of music creation, so no automatic facility for it, no. Probably a plugin could be created for it if for some reason you end up needing a lot. Or, you could try just changing the time signature to 2/4 or 1/4., which would do the split for you because then it's musically relevant. And then if you change it back to 4/4, it will leave the split in place (until you do Tools / Regroup Rhythms, which is designed to fix things like that).

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" I still have to manually delete the ties that are created"

  1. Select the first tie
  2. Right-click the tie for its popup menu, choose Select > More... > Select Element Type: Tie Segment
  3. Click OK to select all ties in your score
  4. Click Delete to remove all ties from your score

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