Collapse all parts from one file

• Aug 24, 2021 - 13:26

I downloaded an MS file - but it has lots of parts - each with its own tab. I'd really like to collapse them all.

Surely that ought to be possible without selectively and individually closing/deleting each tab. If not - then I'd like to suggest that as a feature.

I often leave MuseScore open with part finished scores, and it's good to be able to import new ones, but if one score has a lot of parts that really messes the desktop up. I may - or may not want to remove the main score, but being able to put away parts quickly would be very useful.

That one file with more than 10 parts - downloaded for interest - may completely wreck the workflow I have with other pieces.


Somehow I'm not understanding. How do the part tabs affect your desktop? I assume you actually mean the MuseScore window itself, not the actual computer desktop. But no matter how many part tabs are present for one score, this shouldn't affect any other score in any way at all. Maybe you mean the fact that the existence of parts means there is a second row of tabs? That does indeed take a few extra pixels so it could be a potential issue on extremely small monitors, but even that extra row disappears when you view another score that doesn't have parts. A screen shot would help clarify.

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My bad!

I hadn't noticed that there is a second row of tabs. I think the first time I saw this I only saw the main score and the parts. Just closing/deleting the open score tab closes that and all the parts, so doesn't get in the way of the others.

So on balance I don't think there is a problem.

In facti it is better than that - the parts could actually be useful. I just noticed that it's (a) possible to play each part separately in the Player and (b) it's also possible to edit individual parts, and this is then reflected in the score.

Or that's how it seems to me - so that's great!

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