12 String Guitar Tablature

• Sep 6, 2021 - 09:58

Tricky question: Is there a way to do tablature for a 12 string guitar. 6 string guitar is easy of course. It sounds the same. I was just wondering if there is an easy way to get the jangly 12 string sound. Using octave pairs per string.

I thought about adding an extra string but you would need to edit both strings.

Alternatively, is there a sound set for a 12 string guitar which I can use?

I tried googling MS but couldn't find anything.

(Actually it isn't specifically for 12 string. It is for renaissance cittern and ren. guitar, both of which have octave stringing, also lute sometimes. But the principle remains the same


There's a 12-string Guitar sound in the soundfont MuseScore provides, and that sound is used by default when adding a 12-string Guitar to a score (and the same sound is used for some lutes IIRC).
But no, it doesn't use octave pairs all the way, just for the 4 lower strings, the 2 higher ones are just doubled.
Anyway, as you'd not finger single strings, but finger them in pairs, just use a normal 6-string tablature

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