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• Sep 26, 2021 - 08:48

OS: Windows 10
MuseScore Version:
Headset: Arctis 7

My Synthesizer is disabled and playback is no longer working. This started a few weeks ago, it was working fine until then. I have gone through all the steps in this link: but none have worked. I am using an audio interface, for my microphone, but I was using that just fine before. In looking through each of the possible audio devices in my audio mixer, MuseScore doesn't register on any of them. In addition, there are zero possible audio devices in Edit > Preferences > I/O. I have updated my audio drivers on my headset, and the audio is working just fine on every other device. I have Nvidia Broadcast installed, but I'm not using it for output.


Normal trouble shooting would suggest that you disconnect the interface and headphones and check if there is sound. This will tell you if the problem is with Windows or your devices.
If you have sound, add the headphones. I have no idea if wireless headphones have to be connected before you start MS (like bluetooth headphones) or not. Wouldn't hurt. This is where you check the Windows mixer to see if the headphones are connected.
No sound from the computer with just MS running means something not right in Windows.
System restarts are always helpful.

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It started working after unplugging everything. It said it was piping through Nvidia broadcast. Reset the program again to find everything there, including my headphones. I tried running it through my headphones, and it started running through speakers I had forgotten about, plugged directly into my monitor. I turned those off, reset the program again, and now it's working normally. I haven't tried restarting the computer to see if I have to do that every time or something.

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