Volta numbers disappear

• Oct 15, 2021 - 18:25

I went to volta to toy with moving the beginning point slightly to the left, hoping to lower the auto placement.
No joy and the volta numbers disappeared.
I find no way to make them reappear, including trying in the inspector.

EDIT: I achieved this by trying to move the numbers by going to the x/y offset and changing the numbers via replacing them. I guess I moved them and didn't notice where because they were obscured by the other elements. I moved them via the arrows and was able to trace how they moved. (End edit).

How can I fix this?


I haven't seen this happen, and if you use any of the jazz templates, the default position of voltas is already moved to the left a bit for exactly this reason. Anyhow, if you attach a sample score with this problem, we can investigate.

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I am seeing the numbers on the first two volta's in that score, but they are colliding with the notation of the top staff. They do have quite a high Y-offset of 2,20 applied to them...

But then again, that only seems to be an "issue" in continuous view? In Page View they look just as expected.

A couple of other points:

  • Continuous view has some special code in to make it faster, so it doesn't need to lay out the entire score every time you make a small change. A side effect of this is, sometimes you'll see some collisions you wouldn't see in page view.

  • The numbers are really oddly positioned relative to the volta here. I guess something didn't translate over correctly from the older template. I'm thinking, either fix the begin text offset (current 2.20 sp) to be much less, or change the alignment of the text to baseline instead of top. The latter is what the default settings do. So I'm thinking your template must for some reason have changed this top. Or, an older version of MsueScore might have had that default, but presumably a different offset, and somehow your template got the old alignment but new offset. Fix it in the template and things should be much better.

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The alignment controls which part of the "2" is aligned with the left edge of the volta itself - the left, middle, or right. Right now, with left alignment, it's the left edge of the 2 that aligns with the left edge of the volta - the the number starts at the edge of the volta (well, with a 0.6 offset as set for the text just below the alignment control). If you set it to right alignment, then the right edge of the 2 is aligned with the left edge of the volta. That means the number ends at the edge of the volta.

So yes, in general, changing from left to alignment moves things to the left, not just for voltas, but for anything. Left align means it starts here and extends to the right. Right alignment means it ends here and extends to the left.

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