Solfege Moveable Do - Alterations are wrong

• Oct 14, 2021 - 23:40

When filling noteheads with Solfege names (choosing "Solfege Moveable Do" in the "staff/part properties") the alterations get the same names as their diatonic notes.
So in D-Major, d is Do and d# is also named Do, though it should be named Di.
See attached screenshot for the bug and also the correct naming.

Attachment Size
Solfege_Bug.mscz 12.15 KB
Screenshot Solfege Moveable Do Bug.png 272.69 KB


Not a bug: Such noteheads (for Di, Ri, Fi, Si, Li, Te, Le, Se, Me, Ra) simply don't exist in SMuFL. The accidental and the notehead need to get read together

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