Help: how to switch from viola clef

• Oct 19, 2021 - 07:03

I have a trio (violin - viola - cello) and I want to switch the viola - chello part to a clavier / piano. That means, switching the viola line to a violin clef, shifting written notes accordingly.

Is there a way to do that automatically, without re-writing the whole darn thing???

Thanks a lot!


Use an instrument change text from the palette
Edit: only if you want to switch mid score. Else change the instrument in the staff properties.
And/or just change the clef

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Thank you! Could not find that for the life of me.

Now, maybe you can give me another hint - I have a trio notation with viola and cello which I want to switch to piano. I kind of did what I wanted changing viola to violin, and the clef adjusted. Now, I wonder how I could replace this new violin voice (with some unplayable notes) + cello with a piano?..

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Edit > Instruments and Add a Piano

Then copy your notes over:
1. Select Violin, Copy and Paste onto Piano treble
2. Select Viola, Tools > Voices > Swap 1-2
3. Select Viola again, Selection Filter (F6) uncheck "voice 1", Copy
4. Selection Filter (F6) check "voice 1" again; Paste to Piano treble
5. Select Cello, Copy and Paste onto Piano bass

Edit > Instruments, remove Violin/Viola/Cello

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