Show All Instruments on First Page, but Want to Hide Cutaway Staff

• Oct 19, 2021 - 18:14


I'm working on a piece with a D.S. al Coda and the violin has two different/unique parts each time that section happens.

The best way I can think to do it is to have a cutaway part, but then that creates issues on the first page.

Would like to have all instruments listed at the beginning, but then there's a blank space where the "second" violin part would be. Attachment 1. Attachment 2 happens when it's not a cutaway. Don't want that, either.

What's the best solution?


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It's easier to help if you attach the actual score rather than just pictures of it. But my guess is, you checked cutaway but didn't set it to always hide when empty (in the same dialog).

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Always hide worked! Thank you!

Have been nervous posting scores since one of mine was reposted by someone else, and claimed as their work, years ago. Luckily the community noticed and it was stopped. But then found it on other sites. Have a publisher now and they say to be more careful.

Once it's published and properly protected will upload the score.

Not trying to start a discussion on that, hope this doesn't, but it's a concern. Makes me so sad folks do that.

Besides, I love MuseScore and don't need to torture you all with this music...yet!

Thank you again.

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Sorry to hear that happened. FWIW, it's much more likely when actually sharing online to than attaching to a forum discussion here - I don't think I've ever once hear of that happening in fact. But note you can also delete all but relevant measures, or scramble the notes as desired, etc.

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