2 irritating, exasperating bugs. I want to cry.

• Oct 21, 2021 - 08:14

First of all, one critical bug is that my cross-staff arpeggios(created by dragging the arpeggio line upwards from the bottom staff to the top staff) keep jumping out of place. Every time I input a note, enter an expression, or even close the Musescore tab and reopen it, they just throw themselves out of place(see the file below). There is no workaround for this, and it completely ruins my score. Even if I readjust it, as long as I close the tab after that, the arpeggio lines just pull out and the cycle continues. The worst issue I have seen in the time I have used Musescore.

Secondly, what makes it even more maddening is that I have submitted this bug to the bug tracker TWICE, today and yesterday, but it refuses to show up. I searched for it and yep, it doesn't exist. And yet, the bug I submitted yesterday appears. Difference is that this arpeggio bug I submitted as S3-major and the other one that appeared S4-minor(another arpeggio bug, btw).

Never have I experienced such consternation in using this software. Please help.

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To be clear:

The correct way to create a cross-staff arpeggio is to add it to the top staff, then select the bottom handle and press Shift+Down to extend it to the bottom. This does the right thin in terms of the layout, although playback still isn't supported.

In any other cases where you do for whatever reason need to take a marking that lives on one staff but extend it into a different staff, it's normally and correct that this adds more space, because normally markings above or below one staff shouldn't extend into another. So to make it possible, simply disable autoplace for the marking in question, by pressing "=" or using the Inspector.

FWIW I don't see any bug on this topic submitted by you to the issue tracker - not when I click your user name here to show all your posts. So I'm guessing you either failed to actually complete the submission process, or maybe there was some sort of temporary site glitch. That wouldn't have anything to do with the MuseScore software itself, of course.

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