what should I do?

• Oct 21, 2021 - 18:07

In general, I have a strange problem, I did not know about this program until I received a notification on the card, they say there is not enough money, the payment was canceled. As I found out the person who had to pay $ 69.99 from Belgium and I got the MUSESCORE * TRIA OVER message in the same place, I contacted my bank's support team but they can't do anything, I have a phone number from the notification, presumably this is the number of the person who had to pay, I also received a notification that the withdrawal of the loan was approved for my card, I blocked the card at the same time, what should I do?


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Sounds like you signed up for a trial of the Pro account on the score-sharing website musescore.com and gave them your credit card, probably a month ago. If you have now changed your mind and no longer wish to subscribe to that service, you'd need to go over there to that website (musescore.com) and contact their support team and ask to cancel.

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