Crashes every time I copy a phrase and paste it

• Oct 22, 2021 - 19:00
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Title CRASHes every time I will copy a phrase and paist it! Why? CRASHes every time I will copy a phrase and paste it! Why?
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More than 20 crashes, during my work, trying to give this arrangement a bass and tenor part although I have a bigger choir this autumn. But, copy paste does not work. I tried to uninstall Musescore, but, same problem. Another problem that turned up were that the only tool that I use most of all, is not there. All tools are checked and there, but not this tool Note input, I have to check this in the tool-field, but, after these crashes its gone again. I have two screens, and just before a crash this note input bar got stucked between the screens - and there it was! Stuck! Even after the first time I uninstalled Musescore and installed it again, not opening my score, just the tutorial score, after checking note input, it turned up, exact at the same place, stuck between the screens. then I shut down one screen, but it's still stuck in the corner. Can't use it. Now I have uninstalled Musescore for the second time.

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Now, after installed Musescore again, the second time, I give up. It seems impossible to work with this score. It still crashes, when I try to copy and paste. The note input bar, though, It's where it should be now. something must be corrupt with my file, but it feels really not so good to need to rewrite everything from the beginning.

I have downloaded and opened your score. In order for anyone to begin investigating, we would next need you to give precise steps to reproduce the problem. I tried a few random copy/paste operations and didn't see a problem, so we'll need to know exact what you are copying and where you are pasting it to.

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Hi, I found out what was the problem: Really annoying one: It is a function I have noticed in the new MacBook Pro (2021) and a funktion totally un-necessary and should be an option for me, not a built in-function. (Didn't find any way to shut this function down so...(really stupid function) and this function seems to be not compatible with Musescore (yet?) This is what happens: pressing the recommended: cmd-c in a text (but not in Musescore) the line of the text gets enlarged in a blink of an eye. But, pressing cmd-c in, intending to copy something in Musescore randomly works, but most of the time, the program crashes, but before the crash, I can se a very enlarged code (not possible to understand) for this short "blink-of-an-eye-moment". And then: crash! So, this is probably something for the developers of Musescore to work around. My solution: I changed computer to an older one, and then I could go on with the job. Thanks a lot for your help in this matter, It means a lot sitting alone and frustrated, to reach out, and get some help! So, all the best to you Marc!