Can’t Unsubscribe from FREE Trial

• Oct 21, 2021 - 21:10

Help, the subscritption menu does not appear when I go under profile. MY profile shows a large white blank template under my profile. How do I unsubscribe??


To be clear: there is no trial here on; it's always 100% completely free. Presumably you are referring to the score-sharing website, so you'd need to go over there to that website and contact their support team if you are having problems with their site.

You guys are being ridiculous. If I go to the top right corner of this website and click on "settings", it will bring me to Musescore.COM. So obviously and are owned and operated by the same people.

Musescore, both org and com, is a scam.

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There is no scam. The company does operate two website. One - this one - for support of the amazing free open source software MuseScore, produced lovingly by a team of mostly volunteers over the past decade and who volunteer their time here helping users get the most out of the program. The other one - provides is a place where you can share scores. Only the other site has paid accounts or trials. No one on this site has any connection to that other site even though the site is provided by the same company. So if you are having some sort of problem with that other website, you need to go over there and contact their support.

As an analogy, consider visiting a Facebook group dedicated to paper airplanes. In the top right corner you'll see a "settings" button that takes you to your Facebook settings. So yes, the site you are on is run by Facebook. That doesn't mean the people who actually read the paper airplane group have any control over how Facebook works. If you have a problem with your Facebook account, you need to contact the people who actually run Facebook, not the people who merely use Facebook to talk about paper airplanes.

In case it isn't obviously, this site is like the Facebook paper airplane group. We're using a site provided by another company, but no one here has any control over your account, no more than the paper airplane fans on Facebook have any control over your Facebook account.

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