Deleting an instrument in "Instruments in Parts" ("Parts" pop-up) may cause the modified part to display too many staves.

• Nov 30, 2021 - 03:06
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Steps to reproduce:
1) Create a score with multiple instruments, e.g., Vocal, Piano, Trumpet, Sax
2) Open "Parts" pop-up
3) Click "All Parts"
4) Try to change the Piano part to contain the vocal on top, e.g.
a) Click the piano part in "Select Part"
b) Add the Voice by clicking "Voice" in "Instruments in Score", then the "+" button
c) In "Instruments in Part" box, remove the "Piano" part by clicking it, then the "-" button.
d) Add the Piano back (at the bottom instead of at the top) by clicking "Piano" in "Instruments in Score", then the "+" button
5) Click the "OK" button to accept and close the "Parts" pop-up.
6) Click on the "Piano" part to view that part. The "deleted" piano part is there (with the staves reversed - bass above treble), but the displayed data is from the voice and piano as selected above.
7) Reopening the "Parts" pop-up shows the piano part twice.

The piano part in the attached file was saved after step 6.

This has only happened once, but I've not tried to reproduce it.

I can work around it by deleting the part and recreating it with "Create Single Part"

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I can reproduce, with that score as well with other scores. But at step 6 in addition to the 'reversed' Piano on the top of the part, there's another Piano at the bottom, with 2 bass clef staves and notes. So the display in stem 7 is correctly reflecting that

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Yes. That is what I saw. I may not have been clear enough in my step 6 description.
I did not test simply deleting the piano to determine if the problem was in the delete (and the piano was retained) or if the problem was more complicated (the simple delete would be correct, only containing the vocal part) and both the deletion and re-addition of the piano were necessary to cause the problem.

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I've done more with changing parts. My observations are:
1. The "-" to delete an instrument from a part doesn't work. Currently, the only way I've found to remove an instrument from a part is to delete the part and recreate the part with the "single part" button and then adding the desired instruments.
2. The "+" button does work, but the instrument may only be added at the end (no move-up and move-down buttons as are available in the part list at the top).
3. The voice buttons are only mostly implemented. When the part is created and not all voices are selected, the correct set of voices are included. Also, when the score is updated, the parts are update correctly.
(3. continued, but new paragraph) *** However, the handling of voices within the part is not correct. *** For example, I have a score in which I've mapped voices 1 and 3 to separate staves in the part. In the part, the score's voice 3 becomes the appropriate part's voice 1 - which is reasonable. Voices 2, 3, and 4 should not be available in either part. Currently, this appears to work correctly. However:
a. Any changes to those part should only be reflected in the mapped voice in the score. This does not work. Any changes to either the score or the parts are reflected in all parts. Apparently, the filtering by part is only honored when the part is created. My solution is to delete the part and hold off on recreating it until after completing the score.
b. Somewhere in my testing, corruption occurred. The alto sax line in the score had several measures with no notes. After MuseScore crashed (crash report was sent and references this comment), the recovery file was also slightly corrupted: 1 measure had the wrong number of beats and the measures with no notes had been saved as well. After reloading the recovery file, I was able to correct all the errors in the score.

Frequency = how frequently the issue is reported (i.e., how many different users have mentioned this in the forum)
Reproducibility = the extent to which the same results occur every time a given set of steps are followed