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• Dec 1, 2021 - 20:56

I would like to know how to fix an unwanted line break. As viewable in my attachment, I have a measure of one whole note chord stretched all the way to fit the page. I have never seen this error. Could this be a bug or might I have a wrong setting? I have already tried to decrease layout stretch and to reset it in the Format tab but it didn't change anything unfortunately.
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If you look at the violin part there are empty frames between some lines, the first between bars 39 and 40. If you delete these frames the score corrects itself.

You also have a stray copyright notice in the middle of the score at bar 30. There is presumably some corruption as Musescore crashed when I tried to save it.

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Ah I see! I didn't know vertical frames were synchronised between the score and the parts. I wanted to show a separation between the verse and the chorus but I guess that's not possible. I had made this score back in 2020 before the last update, possibly this function was removed? not sure. Many thanks!!
And yes, the copyright notice is supposed at the bottom, as I want to have it only on the first page I wasn't using the footer option...:)

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