Entered notes in the measure get over the blank part of the page

• Dec 8, 2021 - 09:18

Hi all,

I write a score that has a 28/4 Turkish Rhythm. Please see the attached screenshot. The first two staves look fine. But in the third one notes continue on the right empty part of the page. Do you know how to fix this? Strangely I didn't have this case on the first and second staves.

I have a second question. Notes look so close to each other on the first and second staves. I tried to use the "increase layout stretch" option but this didn't work. Is there another way to make this? I have also attached the score in case you want to see the settings.

Thank you


Use a smaller scaling, in Format > Page settings.
Or wider paper or narrower page borders, same dialog

Or split the measure(s), for example at those dashed barlines

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Jojo, smaller scaling worked fine. Thanks for the practical solution. However, this solution causes crowded notes within a stave (Please see the attached). Anyway, I will use this solution if cannot find another one.

Splitting measures on the dashed barlines is not possible because dashed measure lines don't indicate the real measure ends. I used them to make note reading more convenient.

Looks like 28/4 includes many notes in one measure in one stave. I wonder if we can achieve a similar format as the attached score. Fitting 28/4 in two staves.

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Splitting measures of course is possible, happens often with mid score pickup measures. That 2mf image does uses this, quite obviously

If you have a single measure with more content that a single system can hold with the given settings, it'll overflow into the page border and beyond, that's just the way it is.
To prevent this, either split the measure, or reduce the content, or widen the page or lessen the overall size.

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