Musescore not Responding on Splash Screen

• Jan 7, 2022 - 04:08

Musescore worked the first time it was installed but now crashes on the splash screen.
I've tried reverting it to factory settings, but it will only work once and will crash on the splash screen again.
Currently running windows 11 on a Dell G15 laptop.


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I'm slightly baffled by "reset to defaults" working, but anything after that not. As if just closing MuseScore somehow corrupts your preferences file which then leads to it hanging upon launch.

Another set of things to try:
1. Launch with '-s', which will disable the sound system (unlikely to fix this)
2. Launch with '-w', which will disable the web component (unlikely to fix this)
3. Launch with '-t', which will run in "test mode", one of the things this does is not go looking for printers to determine the paper size
4. Share the preferences file with us

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Didn't seem to do anything as in "not even the splash screen"? Or as in "same hanging on splash screen"?

I indeed meant that ini file, and from what I can tell, it in itself looks clean. After replacing your username with mine in it, I can launch MuseScore just fine with it.

From what I can tell by a quick glance at the code, all that should happen for you is loading that first empty score, checking for installed extentions and then the start center (…). So it is likely hanging on one of those two things.
However what really baffles me is that this should behave exactly the same after a factory reset.

On the one hand, the fact that factory reset works seems to indicate there's an issue with your preferences somehow; on the other hand, those preferences look perfectly clean imho.

Is your windows 11 a clean install or a windows 10 upgrade? ISTR that when Windows 10 came out the migration wizard from 8.1 sometimes messed up the user folder, resulting in that folder not actually being at that real location, but a link to a different location. If that is the case (a very big if) it could be that MuseScore is failing to restore those user folder preferences when checking for extentions.

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I've ran MuseScore4 a few times, created and edited a few scores, and have, so far, had no issues.
I just ran it from: bin/MuseScore4.exe
I've seen a few weird formatting issues (notes, and stave brackets are oversize), but I assume this is just because it's an early build.

Earlier you wrote:
I've tried reverting it to factory settings, but it will only work once...

So are you saying that after a factory settings revert, MuseScore will work and that you can open and work on a score? Then when you close MuseScore and try to open it again it will crash (or not respond)?

If you can get MuseScore to open just once (after a factory revert), go to menu item: Edit > Preferences then on the 'General' tab uncheck 'Show splash screen' and uncheck 'Show start screen'.

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Is there another instance of MuseScore running? Check in the task manager (is that still present in Windows 11?) and kill any MuseScore processes before attempting to run it again. I have found zombie MuseScores showing after non-standard terminations (aka crashes) and these interfere with the operation of new instances.

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