Some Feature request

• Jan 13, 2022 - 16:12


1- divisi and ossia like Dorico. This is hard to write single staff and div. staffs and hide them.
2- different time signatures.
3- Much complicate text area.
4- combine diferent files.
5- while write on the staff, lines & dynamic around of latter stransparent. guitar fingering.
6- Make in to system and page.
7- inout notes like finale or igor engraver.



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1- Yes it's. for complicated scores much more.
2- look attached. That's the correct one.
3- like libre office options. For example multiple font os half of it bolt half of it norman. Like finale or ect. at least you can add full jutification.
5- look attached
6- like finale or sibelius
7- like finale's speedy entry
10- some "continue text" don't work.
11- more line options.

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