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Nice! I like the idea of having different degree of difficulty. But - the hard examples should be correctly notated, otherwise it's not teaching the right skills. The last example hin note correct in that a number of notes need to be broken up with ties to show the beat structure. By showing music that is properly notated students will learn the skills involved in taking advantage of that beat structure, but otherwise, they won't learn those skills.

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I would say that if you're not already experienced with reading and writing music, it's probably better to find an app produced by someone who is. Or - much better, in my opinion - just practice with real music. I am not trying to discourage you here, but to be realistic: if you don't know the conventions of music notation, or what kinds of patterns are actually likely to occur in music, you might spend way too much time on the very many patterns you'll essentially never see again, and way too little time on the ones that occur over and over and over and over. That goes for both melody and rhythm, actually. But it's a much bigger concern for rhythm, since all correctly-notated rhythms are built from the same eight building blocks, combined in different ways, so it's especially crucial to focus your attention on those.

For some more info on this, see this handout I created for my Basic Music Theory course:

or the course itself:

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would be great to add dotted notes and even tuplets and odd measures like 3/4; 6/8...
it becomes more and more tricky if the code should be flexible in that scale ->at least for my programming skills :-D

Maybe someone could do it?
There is a sight reading trainer written in Java. These guys are really cool :-)
I don't know how to do that and I think its not working anymore under MScore 3.5... But not sure.

Thanks for the link in your comment randomsheetmusic... really cool! I didn't know that.

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