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Hi Marc Sabatella has a little challenge with MuseScore - like when you make a new sheet - so there are 4 bars per full line with line 6 there are also 4 bars but it is not as long as the others? If you fill in with several bars, it makes up to 12 bars per line, can you change it to 4 bars per line so that all sides look the same? . Best regards Hans Jørgen


You mean the extra indent in the 1st system? That can get disabled.
Or do you mean the later part of the score where no system breaks have been added (every 4th measure)? If so, just add those.

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Do you know it by staple with Let it be - The Beatles?
Huh? Sorry I don't get the question. I do know that song of course (soundtrack of my childhood actually).

I would like to have all lines the same with the same bars can you?
Yes, as I mentioned already, you can, by adding system breaks every 4 measures, just like you did in the 1st half of the score

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When you create a new score using the new score wizard you do not end up with 4 bars per system at all. This only happens if you start from the empty sample score.

If you're new to MuseScore it pays off a lot to have a quick look through at least the basics of the handbook:
One of the things you'll discover there is that under Layout & Formatting there's a chapter about Breaks (and spacers) to show you how those work. Which in turn links to Add/Remove System Breaks for an even easier method.

So if you're asking whether we can format a score with 4 bars/system, then the answer is "yes, we can". If you wish to know how you can do it, please follow the provided links which Jojo hinted at.

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