My bass clef using the grand panio is really quiet. (Fixed)

• Jan 23, 2022 - 22:15

I am making a song and I had the bass clef at Forte and the treble at panio. The treble clef was louder than the bass clef. The bass clef was really mellow and quiet like I had it in PPPPP can anyone help me fix this.


Normally by default they should be exactly the same. If you have a score where this doesn't seem to be the case, please attach it here so we can understand and assist better.

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In measure 5 you have 2 dynamics, p, piano, attached to the top staff, but vaild for both staves and f, forte, attached to the bottom staff and also valid for the entire instrument, those now fight against one another and apparently the piano wins. And the bass staff sounds even quiteter, as it is single notes fighting against 3-note chords.
Change both from part to staff. Just as the very 1st reply already told you ;-)

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