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• Jan 25, 2022 - 05:04
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The Handbook says:

Add or replace a time signature

Use any of the following methods:

Select a time signature, measure, note or rest, and click a time signature in a palette (double-click in versions prior to 3.4).
Drag and drop a time signature from a palette onto a space in a measure, or onto an existing time signature.

Very simply, these instructions do not work. When I select the first measure, open the Inspector, and click on 4/4 on the Time Signatures Palette, the Inspector displays "Nothing selected."

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This staff has "Show time signature" disabled (Right-click into the staff, staff/part properties). The procedure you describe does change the time signature but doesn't show it

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Many thanks!

Rather than start a thread, I first spent innumerable clicks trying to find this and other information in the Handbook.

The Handbook can be great, yet is limited by its search function, which does not support "exact phrase" searches. Looking for "time signature" finds any reference to "time" and "signature" (including key signature), which typically means linking from page to page trying to hit the "sweet spot" page that specifically answers the question posed. Wish I had web development skills so that I could create an alphabetical index of the website, a potential godsend for us beginners.

Again, I thank you and all Forum members who contribute your knowledge, experience, and judgment to everyone. All the best, all the time!

Under "Time Signature" instructions only appear for adding it or changing it, not displaying it (which you've told me appear under "Staff/Part Properties..."). Since both add/change and display are needed to achieve your aim, the documentation under "Time Signature" should include instructions pointing to the "Staff/Part Properties" function. I'll try to figure out how to edit the Handbook for this if I can devise a clear way of communicating this.

Ideally, MuseScore should be changed so that all time-signature-related (and key-signature-related) functions ... including display ... are governed by the palettes. Oh, to be a web coder ...

These are observations, not complaints.