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• Jan 25, 2022 - 20:02

Hi- I am new to MuseScore and am on Day-3. This package is AMAZING! Hope I'm not repeating an old request.
My score has two traditionally scored/notated guitar parts, each linked to a TAB.
It's in E-harmonic minor so I set up a custom key signature.
I placed the key signature on the staff, it works perfectly, yet it also populates the TAB.
I'd like it to remain for the staff but remove from the TAB and I can't see a way of doing so without also removing from staff.
Many thanks

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Aah- thank you.. the key signatures for staff and TAB are linked so when I click on one element, both are selected.
Here's the workaround- thank you Jojo for steering me in the right direction:
step 1) Select a key signature (both are selected)
step 2) Shift-click the element you want to make invisible, and the other element becomes unselected. Now you can "v"and make that one element invisible (you still can't delete it, but, this is good! I can work with this!).

Glad you're enjoying MuseScore! It's not clear if you're also new to music notation, but for the record - it's extremely non-standard (to the point where most Western musicians have probably n ever encountered it) to notate custom key signatures for harmonic minor. The norm since the days of Bach is to simply notate the natural minor key signature and use accidentals as needed.

The exception would be Turkish and other music of Eastern Europe and/or the Middle East that use different scales than traditional Western music.

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Hi Marc- thank you- how ever did you guess?! Yes I am new to music notation. I play guitar and most of what I play is stuff I made up and it's often pretty "off-kilter". Thanks for the key/accidentals tip. The piece I was transcribing (if that's the right word) worked out and I'm going to try and re-notate it for piano with both clefs and I'll set the key-signature up as per your advice.
The MuseScore app is mind-blowingly awesome btw, I've been telling pretty much everybody I know to check it out. Thank you.

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