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• Feb 18, 2022 - 21:19

Greetings, I have a bit of a challenge to install Musescore on a small lab of student devices. I learned via the documentation on how to deploy the MSI file to install Musescore for all users.

However, I am unable to install the Drumline extension for all users. Student accounts obviously do not have install permissions. I can install the extension via my admin account, but it will only be available for that account.

I have researched the FAQ and the Handbook, and have searched these forums. If I missed something, then I apologize, but is there a way to install the Drumline extension for all users?


AFAIK the muxt is simply extracted into the correct folders, so you could consider doing that on one system manually and then perform a file deploy on the students pc's?

As far as I know, extensions are not "installed" in the Windows sense of the word, but merely copied into a normal user folder. So, you may be wrong about students not being to "install" it - unless you've tested and confirmed it does require admin privileges,in which case I standard corrected. In that case, you'd probably need to play games with making the Documents/MuseScore3/Extensions folder into a "shortcut" (aka symbolic link) to a shared folder somewhere.

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OK, I think I may know the cause. I have included a screenshot of the error (redacted for security purposes). The student accounts use roaming profiles and folder redirection in order to seamless sync settings and files across multiple student devices. It appears that Musescore extensions do not fully understand folder redirection. Adobe software also has trouble.
Manually copying over the "mdl" folder also did not completely work correctly. It is also possible that my security settings for file extensions may be preventing the install.

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"Small lab". If worse came to worse, can't you just have what you need on a flash drive and go to each computer? And be done with it.

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