Layout changing when saving score

• Mar 3, 2022 - 22:21

I have an odd problem with some of my scores. Sometimes, when I add a line break so that some measures will be in a system together, and it appears to work, the layout will change on saving the score, typically causing one measure to jump to its own line. I don't know how to make it happen deliberately on a new score, but I've attached a recording of the bug happening on an existing score.


The reason is a rounding difference between the moment you added the system break and only a part of the system layout was recalculated vs a change where the whole system is recalculated.
A solution in these edge cases is to select all the measures that should belong on the one system and reduce stretch once for them.

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In that case, instead try reducing the overall spacing or minimum note distance for the score itself, in Format / Style / Measure. Or reduce staff size slightly (Format / Page Settings). Or simply put fewer measures on that systems.

It's also possible the problem is something else. As mentioned, if you attach your actual score (not just a picture of it), we can understand and assist better.

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