Missing cleft change in part notation

• Mar 31, 2022 - 17:21

I have a few times found a problem with part notation cleft change. This happens only in PART notation during multiple rest period. It may not be usual to do cleft change before there are notes but sometimes this prolongs the bar and moves all parts ahead in the score.
I attach one situlation where Violoncello has cleft chage on bar 22, third of the merged rests. I moved it to next bar and it got visible.
I think I can hunt these rare occasions easily but very annoing. I have seen this work (breaking the multiple rest) so it does not always happen. Also, it will recover if removed placed in the same place again. But at some point it can dissapear again.

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The change is in the score. It seems to be OK when the cleft splits the multiple rest into two multiple rests. But if it is 2 last bar and the rest of it would need to be single bars. Also, it seems to be OK first but when the part is edited for label positions and some readjustment happens on page/line level the problem reappears. Very complex error and I have 2 on 1000 bar score.
Other labels seem not to have same problem and they split the multiple rests correctly. The score is always OK and plays correctly. I guess the part plays OK as well but the player would get into problems...
Below similar score that produces the same part error.

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