Mid-measure clef changes do break multimeasure rests, but don't show the changed clef

• Mar 5, 2019 - 17:59
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Muscescore v.
To reproduce:
1. Open Musescore
2. File New
3. Score info: blank. Template: Treble clef. Finish. Get 32 bars of rest in 4/4.
4. Drag bass clef onto the treble clef in staff 1.
5. Press M. Rests combine (32) but clef changes back to treble.

If you do this on a score with real music in it, it alters the notes and cannot be fixed by doing a ctrl-Z.


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I can confirm the mmrest issue. Not entirely sure what is meant by the last bit, but I'm guessing you were dragging the clef to the measure rather than to the initial clef, which is perfectly valid but triggers a known bug that is already for a future update. See #284307: Clef doesn't change when adding clef to first measure of score . I've verified that the mmrest issue is also fixed in the current development builds. So I'm tempted to close this as a duplicate, but let's await confirmation about that last sentence. Do you mean, you add notes first, then drag a clef to the first measure (not the clef itself), and you see the clef not change but the notes do?

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Thanks Marc. The specific flow to cause note changes in my case was:
1. Use the Import From PDF feature to generate the .mscz file which is entirely a single-staff system all in treble clef.
2. Make various corrections to notes etc.
3. Transpose entire score 2 octaves down.
4. Drag bass clef onto the treble clef on the first staff. Everything is OK so far. Note that the first 3 measures are whole-measure rests.
5. Press M to turn on multimeasure rests. Clef on ONLY the first line changes back to treble clef (rest of the score stays in bass clef). Notes on the first line stay in the same positions on the staff even though the clef changed to treble clef. Rest of score remains in bass clef and notes are not changed.
6. Press ctrl-Z. Clef reverts back to bass clef, and notes on the first line stay in place (and are now correct), although the first time you to this, Musescore adds accidentals (flats in my case) in front of all notes that are in the key signature (2 flats in my case, so it draws flats in front of all B's and E's.)
7. FYI after pressing M, I can drag a bass clef onto the first measure that has notes (i.e. 4th measure in my case) and everything is OK, except that the piece opens with a treble clef, then 3 measures rest, then goes into bass clef.

Absent the actual score I can't verify any of this, but I'm still assuming this is a duplicate and is fixed by the change mentioned above. When the next update comes out, hopefully you will find the same; if not, feel free to return and upload your score so we can investigate further. We can also download a nightly build to test for yourself now.

Workaround No Yes

1. Don't use clef changes in empty measures, but apply them to the next measure that actually has notes.
2. For the the measure with the clef change enable "Break multimeasure rest" in the measure's properties.
3. Apply the clef change to the measure itself rather than its (whole measure) rest.

I can't reproduce using the steps from the initial report.
There is a problem though when applying the clef to a rest rather than a measure (or an existing clef)

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