musescore crash notice

• May 16, 2022 - 19:39

Adding notes to a score and received a notice that musescore crashed. Reported crash in pop-up box. When can I expect to be able to write again?


Please attach the score here (mscz) and tell us exactly where we should click/what we should type to experience the crash.

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Greensleeves file has renamed itself. However, does not appear in my scores. So, cannot send it. Will try sending Greensleeveschorus again
Was working on what I though was Greensleeveschorus file, but it was named scshcePG.
Do you think I can work from Greensleeveschorus file with no trouble?
Why did it rename itself?

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Greensleeveschorus.mscz 20.69 KB

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That PDF got created with MuseScore 3.0.5 (and as the Qt version 5.12.1 tells me, most probably on Linux, Mac and Windows use 5.9.x for all MuseScore 3.x)): Update to 3.6.2 rather than using a long time outdated version, and if really Linux make sure it is the AppImage version from this website here and not whatever your distribution gave you

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