Change Beam for Odd time meter

• May 22, 2022 - 17:36

I created a odd time meter of 11/8. Musescore gives me 11 eighth notes all beamed together, see screenshot 1. I want to break up the beaming so that I get (3 groups of 3 eighth notes) and (1 group of 2 eight notes), see screenshot 2. I tried all the beam properties and it either unbeams all of them or beams them all together. How can I group them the way I describe above?


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In order to assist, we would need you to attach the actual score with the problem, not just a picture of it. And then give the precise steps you followed in attempting to set the beaming. Works fine for me in my scores, so there must be something different either about your particular score or the steps you are following.

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