Input CODA, SEGNO and other symbols in Lead Sheet

• May 23, 2022 - 16:09

Please advise me about inputting CODA, SEGNO and other symbols for repeats & jumps (as listed in View - Master Pallette) in my Lead Sheet. I highlight the symbol, but nothing happens. To try this issue, I typed the words. Is there a better solution? An easier fix is to extend the music to two pages, but I'm trying to keep all my lead sheets one pages to make it easier to organize and share my work. Attached is my original song "Hero In Your Heart" by Susan Horowitz copyright 2022

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Hero In Your Heart 5-18-2022.mscz 27.66 KB


Thanks. I know how to input repeats. I also know what a Segno. D.S. al Coda, and Coda sign are. The problem is that MuseScore does not input the symbols. That's why I typed the words.

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