BUG: Dynamics and crescendos not rendering in playback v3.6.2

• May 26, 2022 - 10:04

I've spent considerable time reading through a lot of the other forum topics about this, none were helpful.

Please see the attached score. Help will be much appreciated.

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From the Handbook:

"A hairpin only affect playback if there are appropriate dynamics somewhere before and after the hairpin. For example, a crescendo between p and f dynamics will affect playback; but a diminuendo between p and f will be ignored. And if there are two or more crescendos between p and f, all but the first will be ignored.

A hairpin may be used without dynamic marks, by adjusting "Velocity change" in the Inspector (values in the range 0 to 127)."

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You've created that score for guitar, which doesn't support single note dynamics, but then changed the playback sound to "Cello Expr", which does. Since a guitar is inherently incapable of single note dynamics anyhow, you should simply change the instrument itself to cello if that's the sound you want. Guitar players, after all, can't make their guitars sound like cellos any more than they can crescendo on a whole note. Or, if you are just experimenting with sounds for playback but do expect the actual score to be played on guitar, use the non-"expr" version of the cello sound.

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Ah thank you so much for these clues Marc. And for the effort you put into these forums generally, it's awesome.

Haven't tried the advice yet but yep, those variables did indeed not occur to me! Old finale habits dying hard. (And "But guitars irl do have dynamics! 😢")

Given the repeated grief people seem to've had about this, an official troubleshoot/FAQ page with all the possibilities might be worthwhile.

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Indeed, the single note dynamic stuff confusing and causes lots of grief. Someone who has experience playing with these settings in multiple settings would be welcome to try to write something up. But note, for MsueScore 4, all that complication should go away.

Also, to be clear, I am talking about "single note" dynamics. In real life, acoustic guitars do not have this - the player cannot affect of a single note after initiating it. Electric guitars can do this, of course, via volume pedal.

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