Inserting a note does not overwrite the rest

• Jul 4, 2022 - 00:42

Hello. I'm new here, and at present I find MuseScore very frustrating. It's difficult to master. The current problem I have is that when I add a note to the stave, it does not overwrite the rest, which remains in place, just above the note. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

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All your notes have been entered into voice 3 instead of voice 1.
To fix:
1. Press Ctrl + A to select everything.
2. Use menu item: Tools > Voices and click on 'Exchange Voice 1 - 3'.
3. In the Selection Filter, uncheck Voice 1 then press Delete to get rid of those (now voice 3) rests.
(Don't forget to put the checkmark back in Voice 1. You'll need it in the future.)

All notes are now in voice 1 (see attachment), which should always be entered first. When you click on a note head it should appear blue (for voice 1). Also, the number 1 "lights up" on the toolbar to confirm the voice. Your notes originally "lit up" the number 3 on the toolbar.


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I was puzzled for a moment, because I had done that (Ctrl + A). So I started afresh. That was when I realised my error. The music I am transcribing requires a triplet (in 6/8 time) so I clicked on the 3 in the top bar. Mistake! I had misunderstood a passage in the handbook. Triplets are standard in 6/8, of course. So I left it on 1, and the problem didn't recur.

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