Some invisible objects not exporting correctly to PDF

• Jul 12, 2022 - 15:29

I have created a multi bar repeat with the process outlined in other posts:
1- Copy and paste the bars you want to repeat
2- Select those bars and press V to make all notes invisible
3- Press Z and add a multibar repeat symbol accordingly

I think i have made it work in some of my files, but there is this ocassion where I changed a sharp note for a flat note after making everything invisible, and now I get the flat symbol and the tie of those notes always visible... the multibar symbol is not appearing either. I tried toggling to visible all notes, changing the problematic note, and then toggling invisibility again but pdf export keeps showing the symbol.

I'm adding the musescore file and the pdf export to show the problem.


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Exactly, ties should be done twice.

I have also just found out that symbols are specific to the part I'm editing them once a different part has been created.
For example, I created the bass part first, and then added the multibar repeats to the "All parts" tab, those symbols weren't included in the "Bass part" tab automatically thus not exporting them to pdf... I have added them manually and they are exporting correctly now.

Thanks for your reply.

After you've written a measure select it (blue rectangle) which includes all dynamics, accidentals, articulations, text elements, even lyrics etc. and press 'v'. This will hide everything belonging to this measure. As 'v' has a toggling function, you should observe to have all things are selected which shall become hidden.
Finally create the parts, because hiding is not transfered to the parts afterwards.

As I found, ties get not hidden in the part but only in the score by doing this. This seems to be a bug!
Before PDF export you should have a look on the part and hide these ties manually. Slurs get hidden.

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