Image Capture Not Saving Images in Continuous View

• Aug 5, 2022 - 00:00
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S4 - Minor

I have a problem with the Screen Capture function on Musescore when using continuous mode. I'm trying to create a screenshot of a few bars each screenshot, so I drag the left handle all the way over the right so I can have a more precise shot and be able to connect it together on a video (since taking a screenshot of the whole music in continuous mode crashes my laptop when I tried splitting the image in an image editor or the like). I can easily take the first screenshot, but when it comes to the second screenshot, it won't save when I try saving as in screenshot mode, no matter what I save it as. It's sorta disappointing because I wanted to create seemless scrolling music in a video without having to do too much image editing.

GIF of Bug:


I can;t help with the bug - apparently image capture mode has been removed for MuseScore 4 anyhow - but I can suggest alternatives that might simply the process. First, if you do decide you want to assemble this from bits and pieces, consider using the screneshot tool built into your OS instead, or any of the many third party tools available for this. But perhaps better would be to simply set page settings as you'd want to get the job done - like, a super wide page - and just exporting the image directly rather than using screen capture at all.

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Ah, so it's going to be removed in Version 4? That's a bummer. I guess the problem with doing it with my OS is that whenever I try to move the screen, the vertical space is usually disjointed, so I'll have to figure out a way todo that.

Also, good idea on the Page Settings! Exporting to PNG or SVG tends to work poorly when putting it into my video editor, but I found shrinking these images in GIMP actually makes it appear properly when video editing. I'll definitely take you up on your suggestion there! Thanks!