Update button missing

• Aug 5, 2022 - 19:38
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by design

Originally installed version (OS: Windows 10 [10.0], Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version [64-bit]:, revision: 7ea61d9).

1) There is no update button in any of the menus.
2) Uninstalled old version, rebooted, downloaded and installed version 3.6.2 direct link:
3) Ran new version. In the "About" popup, the version has not changed (still 3.3.4), and there is still no update button. It's as if the new installer is mislabeled 3.6.2 when it's actually 3.3.4.

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That's where I downloaded it from. Check the Download Page image attached. The direct link is from that page, but I wanted to be sure the version I downloaded was clear.

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That version 3.3.4 probably is is the version from the Microsoft Store, that version indeed doesn't have an update button, Microsoft doesn't allow for that in their store.
See also #313298: MuseScore in Microsoft Store is outdated, still at 3.3.4; remove link on Download page

You'd need to unistall that Microsoft Store version (don't aske me how exactly) and then install the version downloaded from https://musescore.org/en/download

Status needs info active
Workaround No Yes

The portable version worked, assuming 3.6.2 is the latest version. I still can't find an update button, but at least there's an option to automatically check for updates.

Status active by design

The Portable version indeed doesn't have that menu (Help > Check for update) either (as it isn't really installed, so the new version won't overwrite the old, as it'd happpen with the 'real' version), but does, in contrast to the Microsoft Store version, have Edit > Preferences > Update > Check for new versions on MuseScore (so can tell you that a new version is available).

Either is by design and not a bug.

As said: in order to properly update to 3.6.2 first uninstall that Microsoft Store version via Settings > Apps and Features