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• Jul 7, 2022 - 19:53

Apparently on these strings 3254, 3267, 3431, 3863, 3870 does not allow saving (eg. %1, contains %n matching element(s) = %1, contiene %n elemento(i) corrispondente(i) )
Each new notification results in untranslated %n strings, but in 'suggestions' it reads 'added by * 3 days ago'.
Sisifo Mode? ;-)

I continue here with yet another complaint, it appears that many strings (already translated) now result again as 'Added by Shoichi' (?). When I save a translation it often jams (overloaded server?) and, apparently, the web page is not updated often:


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Dal Segno al Coda is already there, in the main section of the palette. The "Dal Segno Segno" is only for the special "D.S.S" text in the "More" section of the palette. The whole point, I assume, is to handle scores that have two different segnos - one ordinary segno, one double segno.

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Do you know the contractual regulations of rowers on the Venetian 'Galere'?
I belong to the category of 'mugugnatori'.
A hyphen or a period generates new strings, :(

Edit: Okay, I've updated. That leaves 126 strings in the MuseScore resource that I have no idea what they mean. I discontinue and wait until, on the other side of the pond, someone comments when and if they have downloaded and installed 4X .

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