Chromebook downloading issues

• Oct 2, 2022 - 23:53

I recently got a Chromebook, and have been trying multiple ways to download musescore on it. Any notation software that works on the Chromebook OS doesnt have the wide array of instruments musescore has for free, so I am determined to be able to access it. I can run many of the commands in my Linux terminal, but it seems like the most important ones to access musescore will display something like "command not found." If there is anyone that can help, or assist me I would like to know.


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No problem with that from my perspective. When I created the script, it didn't seem like there was much internal support for the idea, plus I was still hopeful the bug in the AppImage that made some of the script's functions necessary would be fixed. Also, someone would need to host the ARM 64/32 builds.

About to become moot with MuseScore 4, though - this will need to be revisited. I'll take a look once that install process looks more settled and try to put together something for the Handbook.

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