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• Oct 1, 2022 - 01:40

I've read the handbooks (zerberus, how to install sfz,) and yes I did download the WAV. file and the scripts which it told me to do so on the virtual playing orchestra website. I correctly installed it WITH THE LIB FILE IN THE RIGHT SUB DIRECTORY, and I know that you have to individually load each instrument in order for it to actually work. The issue is that whenever I open zerbreus, none of my sfz files appear. i did download this in the right directory.


From the web site..."all .zip files need to be unzipped in the same place and in the same way (i.e. extract the .zip files into the same sub-directory, “Virtual-Playing-Orchestra3” for example)."
Then put that folder in the MuseScore SoundFonts folder.

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Download the 2 zip files. One is wave files and the other is standard scripts. Un-zip files.

Wave file folder has 2 subfolders. Copy the two folders to a new folder called "VPO".

Scripts folder has 7 sub-folders. Copy the seven folders into the VPO folder.

Copy the VPO folder into the MuseScore Soundfonts folder.

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I have 8 subfolders inside VPO.

  1. Brass
  2. Documentation
  3. Key
  4. Percussion
  5. Strings
  6. Virtual-Playing-Orchestra
  7. Vocals
  8. Woodwinds

libs and a documentation folder are inside folder 6.

I downloaded the two zip files. Then extracted them. Then copied them into a folder called "VPO". Then copied that into the MuseScore font folder.

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