Make Spacers more useful

• Nov 13, 2022 - 14:00

It would be helpful if spacers could also be used to
- reduce space
- adjust the space between the upper page margin and the the top stave
- adjust the space between the lower page margin and the bottom stave


Reduce Space: Fixed spacer does this, you might have to disable "vertical justification" for it to take effect due to a bug

Upper page margin and top stave: Upwards spacer from top stave seems to do just that for me

Lower page margin and bottom stave: Downwards spacer from bottom stave looks to do pretty much that too, unless you make it too large so it can't fit anymore, in which case your system is naturally shifted to the next page.

If these somehow don't work for you as expected, then please share a score and the steps to reproduce the issue you're seeing.

In reply to by oMrSmith

Yes, (and a bit no) that's a bug.
Your spacer is trying to make space between your staff and the invisible one; with the invisible staff not being there, there is nothing for that spacer to do. Which is why it technically is "works as designed".

But I agree that the design here is not what one would reasonably expect, so reporting this as something to address in the future would be a good thing.

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