How to show/import Title and measure numbers to parts by default?

• Jan 22, 2023 - 19:11

I want to start by saying that I LOVE the way that parts have been updated in MS4, it's a huge quality of life upgrade.

The one thing I can't seem to figure out though is how to show the title/composer information by default? Every time I create new parts from a score it removes that text in each part and I have to go back and copy it over. Also, in the template I use I've set it to show the measure number on each system, which also doesn't transfer over and I can't find an option to turn that on. Any help is appreciated!


It's not clear what you mean here - the title and composer in the top frame should always be present by default, And if you've set measure numbers to display in the score, they should do so in the parts as well - all style settings do, in fact, except a small handful (concert pitch iont he score is automatically turned off, multimeasure rests turned on, etc).

If you continue to have trouble, please attach a sample score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem.

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Sorry for the confusion, I was struggling to explain the response I'm getting. I've attached a couple of scores and screenshots showing what I mean.

The first (Time Bomb) is one I just started and haven't fixed by re-adding in the title/composer information in to the parts, you can see in the screenshots it's just blank in the top where that info should be. Also compared to the main score which shows the measure numbers for each line, those are missing in the parts.

The next (Ska Template) is the template I created the score from which shows the same behavior. The template was originally created in MS3 but I remade it in MS4 thinking it might have been a compatibility issue. The parts are already generated in both of these, but I can recreate the issue by deleting and re-adding them, which doesn't bring over the mentioned info.

Please let me know if I can clarify further, and thanks for the help!

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I can confirm that your "Time bomb" score is corrupted in this way. You can fix it by deleting the title frame and re-adding it.

As for how it got that way, I'd say the combination of the template being originally created in MU3 and also having the parts already generated is not good. Better to recreate the template from scratch in MU4, and don't generate parts within it. That probably messes up some of the linking. Probably shouldn't, but probably that combination has never been tested and it wouldn't surprise me if it leads to problems.

You can't actually delete parts once generated (that's coming in an update most likely), which is why I'm saying create a new template from scratch. You can use Save style & Load style in the Format menu to copy over your style settings from the old template to the new.

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Thanks Marc! I did actually remake the template in MU4, that should have been the one I attached but the new and original are named the same though so I may have mistakenly added the wrong one.

I'll try making the template totally fresh again in MU4 without the parts pre-added this time and hopefully that does the trick. Will report back with updates.

Also as a side note, you were my jazz theory professor and I wanted to just say thanks for all you've taught me, much of it has really stuck and influenced me as a musician (I was one of the sax guys in the last class you taught :)

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How awesome is that, thanks for the kind words, and great to see you here!

As for the template - yes, the version you uploaded was last saved in MU4, but I couldn't tell if it had been imported from MU3. If not, then I guess we can rule that out as a contributing cause. Must be the parts, because I've never seen this happen normally.

As a test. I took the standard jazz combo template, generated parts, and saved that to my templates folder. Then I created a score from it, and found the same bug - the title is missing.

I've gone ahead and opened an issue on GitHub for this -

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Absolutely! I'm a total MuseScore fanboy, I love the community here and am always trying to convert people away from the other scoring programs :)

Sounds great though, I did also try again recreating the template (also using the jazz combo as a starter) and met the same results. One other thing I've run into that's unrelated, but if I have a score open and go to open an existing score or create a new one it has been launching a whole new instance of the program. I'm not sure if I should create a new forum post for this?

Thanks again for all the insight and help!

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When you say you met the same results, do you mean, the same results as what I described - works perfectly - or the same results you were finding with the parts-included template? For me, a template with no parts works perfectly. if you have a new template with no parts that isn't working correctly, can you attach that so we can take a look?

It's by design that scores open in separate instances. This is necessary so each score can have its own playback profiles - different soundfonts, different VST's, different Muse Sounds, etc. Previous versions forced all open scores to play with the same sounds, which was limiting but bearable when all you had to play with was soundfonts, but with VST and Muse Sounds in the mix, that just would not have been viable.

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Yes sorry, I tried both and got the same results as you. I recreated the template with no parts, then made a new test score from that, and when generating parts they showed up with the title correctly. Then out of curiosity I saved a second template with parts already made and got the issue again, which was consistent with your results. But all is good, I have a working template now!

Good to know about the new windows too. I've gotten so used to having multiple scores open in different tabs on one window it'll take some getting used to, but glad to hear that's by design and makes a lot of sense with the updates to instruments and the addition of VSTs.

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