When MS 4.0.2 is made full screen the three top right icons (quit, exit full screen, and minimize) are missing

• Mar 13, 2023 - 21:29

Further if you close it from the File menu while it is full screen, the next open will come up full screen. I thought there was no way out of full screen till I discovered from the hint on the View menu that F11 got me out of full screen.


Probably the same thing. I always have my taskbar in auto-hide.

I just turned auto-hide off, and found a nuance to this strange behavior. If I make MS4 full screen using the full screen icon, the top right 3 icons are there, and I can exit full screen there. If I make it full screen with F11, the icons are missing and I have to use F11 to exit full screen.

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I also have my taskbar on auto hide. I run MU4 not in full screen. I drag side and bottom to make it almost full screen. Then the top right icon are there. I close normally and MU4 opens the next time just the way I closed it. Which is the way I did it before the update.

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Thank you for the observation. However, enabling full screen isn't the same as maximizing the window.

You maximize the window by pressing the square icon at the top right. The taskbar shouldn't be hidden then, unless it's set to auto-hide.

When full screen is enabled, the taskbar will always be hidden. The three icons at the top right will also be hidden. Full screen can be activated with F11 or in View > Full screen. The problem with this update seems to be that MuseScore thinks it's in full screen mode when it's actually maximized on a computer with an auto-hidden taskbar.

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