How to uninstall Muse Sounds?

• May 26, 2023 - 13:03

I installed Muse Sounds for strings but I don't like a few things about it and want to use the default sound font again. I tried deleting it on Muse Hub by holding alt and clicking delete like others have suggested, but I get a message saying "Error/Unable to remove download, please try again later" with an ID and "Type: Instrument" right below that. Some people pointed out that each sound package also takes up a lot of memory, and that on Windows the sound fonts are stored in C:\ProgramData\MuseHub\Downloads, but I can't find that on my computer. I use a Windows laptop, please help.


No need to uninstall - just change for the instruments where you don't like it in the Mixer, or change the default to MS Basic in View / Playback setup.

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