Ritardando only working for one instrument.

• May 28, 2023 - 21:23

Hello, I am trying to slow down the tempo of multiple instruments, and I am using the rit. text from the tempo category.
However, only the top instrument, the piano, is getting slowed down in my opinion. It is very apparent in the last 4 measures of the score, where you will see that the voices stop before they should because they are not slowing down.
Can anyone help me fix the tempo change to be applied to all instruments?

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Sounds fine to me, but maybe I'm listening to the right thing. Can you give more precise steps to reproduce the problem? Also try closing & reopening the score - sometimes temporary glitch in the playback happen and that's often a fix.

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Hello, I closed and opened the score, the problem presists.
steps to recreate in your own score:
1. create a score with a piano on top and voice on bottom.
2. create a measure with a noticable riterdando (for example 20% speed)
3. add a whole note at the voices section

result: the voices don't last the whole measure because they don't experience the slowdown of the piano.
I attached an example.

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Has anyone found a solution to this glitch?
I am having the same issue. I can only input a rit...... on the top instrument line and not on any of the others.

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