• May 28, 2023 - 01:22

Yesterday, after a session in MuseScore, I clicked save file. I noticed that the file was still showing an autosave button, which would revert back to a mscz file once finished saving. But I think that I closed my laptop during the saving process, and now the only file left in my Desktop is the same file that has an autosave attached to it. When I searched for the original mscz file in MuseScore, I am unable to find the score anywhere, and my computer says that it cannot open the autosave file using the app. What can I do? (See Screenshot below)

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MuseScore never ever deletes your files. Not sure what you mean by "showing an autosave button" - there is no such thing. Autosave is completely invisible within MuseScore. The folder you are showing in your screenshot isn't where scores would normally be saved - did you actually save to that folder? Have you looked in the normal Scores folder?

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