adding dynamic to the end of a hairpin (cres. or dim.) cancels dynamic marking on the immediate next bar

• Jun 10, 2023 - 07:49

Recreate issue:
1. see attached: first bar has crescendo hairpin with a ff marking added on top of it, which adds ff to the end of the hairpin.
2. place a dynamic marking on the note immediately after the hairpin (bar 2 in screenshot), and it will be ignored by the playback. Playback will play that note at the same velocity as the dynamic marking placed at the end of the hairpin.

Temporary fix:
1. manually set the velocity of the note immediately after the hairpin
2. place an invisible dynamic marking on the next note to correct the velocity of all the proceeding notes (as seen in screenshot)

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UPDATE: I can't recreate the problem on a new project, so probably
a) my original project is corrupted or
b) they fixed it in a recent update but for some reason it only fixes new scores created in that update

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Interestingly enough, I recreated your score and had the same original result you did. And I am fully updated. As an aside, I have been using various notation programs for many years. I usually have two scores for any project. One to get playback the way I want. And one that I would hand real players. There are ways to rewrite your score to get the playback you want. But you wouldn't give real players that score. You could break up the semi breve to (sorry, American here) a dotted half tied to a quarter. Put the hair pin on the dotted half and the ff on the quarter. That might be closer to what you want. But not something you would give to real players. Even though it might be more accurate.

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Thanks, ngl - using invisible rests in an unused voice is actually a slick workaround, but it seems like MuseScore already intentionally wants you to use the feature where you can add a dynamic to the end of a hairpin, making a sorta “compound” hairpin that acts as one element and lets playback velocity change over time until the note ends. It’s just that sometimes it is overriding the next note afterwards despite a new dynamic placed there. I’m pretty sure that is not part of the 4.1 engraving fix.

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