Musescore 4.1.1 not starting on Win 11 when playback (audio) devices are enabled

• Sep 22, 2023 - 13:01

I installed Musescore 4.1.1 on a Windows 11 PC (I7 - 16GB RAM). I then tried to open it, but it immediately opened and closed with no error messages or anything. It starts though when I disable all playback (audio) devices. Likewise it crashes as soon as a playback device is enabled.

What to do?

Continued to "Play" - When using / selecting an Audio Interface (RME UCX or Kemper) it works. However, when switching back /selecting to the PCs Digital Audio (HDMI) in "Preferences" it crashes immediately.


Yes, MU4 will crash if you change audio devices while it is running.
It is unclear, but it sounds like MU4 works with a Kemper device. If so, I would continue with that device while you figure out how MU4 audio works. Each audio device might need different settings. Some of which can be found here:
Having no experience with HDMI in on a computer, I can't speak to that.
But in general if external devices cause a problem, it's best to start with simple onboard devices aand wor your way up.

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Thanks for looking into this and the quick response!

To clarify: I can switch without problems between the "non-standard" Playback devices e.g. external audio interfaces (RME UCX and the Kemper Profiler). It is crashing (or not even starting) when selecting the onboard driver. It is an older on board audio (MSI P67A-GD65 (B3). It is accessed using the Windows Standard High Definition Audio Device driver.

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