Correcting beat counts in scanned score (Musescore

• Sep 29, 2023 - 23:50

I scanned a pdf score with 930 measures for my partner who is a classical musician (retired from 25+ years first flute at a major symphony). About half of the scanned in measures have the wrong duration values.
Some measures had, for example, double dotted 1/8 notes in the original but were entered by the scanner as single doted 1/8 so there is extra time in the measure and it is too long, there are whole notes in 2/4 measures, etc. When she changes a dotted 1/8 to a double dotted 1/8 note, musescore adds a 16th rest to preserve the incorrect duration. We haven't found a way to change the (too long) measure length beside inserting a new measure and copying the notes over, which is very time consuming since it needs to be done several hundred times. So far the only thing I can think to do is to write a python program to process the musicxml file, but it has been 9 years since I retired, and I was an OS geek only using python to process performance data.
The measures with incorrect duration are annotated with plus and minus signs, so it seems like musescore knows they are wrong and ought to be more willing to accept the corrections.
Anybody know how to fix this using the user interface? The google searches I have tried result in instructions that refer to interface bits that don't seem to be in musescore 4.

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I realize I described musescore's behaviour incorrectly, mixing two problems. When a dotted 1/8 is converted to a double dotted in a measure which is too short, thei ncorrect measure duration is maintained, pushing the last note into the next measure or splitting it across the line, when the measure is too long and a double dot is converted to a single, a rest is added to the measure to preserve the incorrect length.

The transformation from a graphical to a music format is always problematic and you will need manual corrections even when using commercial programs. is using free Audiveris and the quality of your pdf may not be good enough to detect the double dots.
To correct the measure durations you will have to use the properties dialog.

For my PDF importing I use the free Audiveris directly on my PC from
This will need some training but may give better results.

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